The psychotherapist or psychoanalyst has the right of adhesion to the syndicate of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts (SPP) if the following criteria are met:

● A high level of academic qualifications (at least bac + 5 or its equivalent) in psychology, medicine, or any other human sciences specialization.
● Following a process which includes: theory, personal therapy, didactic or training and practice under supervision.
● Practicing with a method recognized by the Syndicate (consult the GUIDE)
● Adherence to the Syndicate's code of ehtics.

Foreigners who wish to adhere to the SPP must fulfill two conditions in addition to the ones before-mentioned:

● A legal working permit in Lebanese territory
● A valid residence card.

The adhesion file is to be presented to the Adhesion Commission of the Syndicate, along with the following documents:

● Civil Status Certificate Criminal
● Record (less than 1 month)
● Acquired university diplomas
● Attestations of training and supervision

Remark: The syndicate's reply will be given no later than three weeks following the disposition of the file.

After the examination of the file and candidature's acceptance, the therapist must deposit at the bank the annual cost for adhesion and get a receipt.
The cost of adhesion deposited once is 2 500 000 L.L. ( can be splits into many payments)

The cost of adhesion is 300 000 L.L for yearly membership.

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