The Syndicate of Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts was officially, publicly recognized, in April 2008

The road was long and difficult; since 1980 the vision of a syndicate that governs the profession of psychotherapy in Lebanon, began with Léla Chikhani. A syndicate that encourages the accredited recognition for the professional; protects the profession; guarantees the rights of psychotherapists and their patients; and assures obligations and ethics. On the way to the realization of the Syndicate, the Society of Psychotherapy Practitioners and Consultants was created 1998, the first president of which was Nizar el Zein, with fervent activity on the part of Lela Chikhani and her colleagues. She has worked on the texts of law, code of ethics, as well as on the logo (the Agendas of the Society of 25/11/1996, 9/12/1996, 5/1/1997, 24/3/1997, 2/12/1997).

Professor Chikhani solicited the attorney Mr. Chibli Mallat, the juridical consultant of the Syndicate, to launch the project of a syndicate for professionals. A group of enthusiastic psychotherapists put their confidence and worked hard, according to their capacities, relying on the rectitude of Professor Chikhani-Nacouz, on the wisdom of her decisions, and on the reputation of Mr. Mallat.
The ratification finally took place. A syndicate for psychotherapists was born on 30 April 2008, to which Lela Chikhani greeted: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a great day; a professional Syndicate of Psychotherapists is born. […] We are ahead, even compared to Europe.”

The Syndicate, the unique in Lebanon, is formed of psychotherapists practicing different internationally accredited techniques. Moreover, it allows, students of psychology and medical sciences, a strategy of efficient work, and sheds light on the fields of training required to obtain the title of psychotherapist.

After the announcement of the birth of the Syndicate and during a period of three months, the team took care of official documents, the legal review, the choice of syndicate headquarters, development, logo, website, DVDs, membership cards, car stickers, brochure, etc..

Later (2009/2010) Commissions were set up by Professor Chikhani: An Ethics Committee responsible for writing the code of ethics and its application, a commission of public relations, and a commission for mutuality fund, health insurance and end of service compensation.The Union continues merrily on its way by relying more and more on its young staff members.

A leader with a futuristic perspective proved that history does not repeat itself, that life goes ahead, in the War of the Ancients and the Moderns, the modern outweighs the prehistoric. We will continue to pave the way wide open.

Group of psychotherapists from the start